752VTSC-Lava-2 New
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Turbo Incanto 752VTSC-LAVA-2
75cm 2 burners glass hob

2 gas burners
Triple-ring wok burner
Safety valve
Soft Line
Built-in battery operated ignition system
Front located control mechanism
Enamel trivets complete with wok stand
Sealing strip between bench top and hob
Available colours: Black, Lava, Sand & White
Dimensions: W750 x D440 x H50mm
Cut-out: W700 x D400mm

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Product Description

Black New752VTSC-BK-2, Colour: Black, Price: SGD550.00

Sand New752VTSC-SAND-2, Colour: Sand, Price: SGD550.00

White New752VTSC-WHITE-2, Colour: White, Price: SGD550.00