Do you want to upgrade your kitchen with a high quality and versatile microwave oven? Turbo has the right choice for you! Our microwave oven comes with many cooking options, safety features and high power! Turbo Italia’s microwave oven will make cooking a breeze! It will also leave many people asking for more food.

Fast and Easy

Turbo Italia’s microwave oven lets you prepare meals easily and quickly. You can choose from 9 different cooking modes. It also comes with a feature that lets you grill your food to perfection. The appliance has 900 watts of microwave power as well as up to 1000 watts of grilling power. You can use these features to prepare mouth watering dishes in no time at all! Our oven will help you save time while making you a better cook.

Options Galore

Turbo’s ovens let you cook your food with a variety of options. You can set the timer for up to 60 minutes if you need to time your cooking. You can also cook based on the weight of the food in the oven. The oven can also generate ideal cooking times. You just need to press a button to begin! There is also a convenient feature that defrosts meat according to its weight. The oven’s timer will alert you once your food is ready. You now have no excuse for not producing delicious meals with so many ways to help you cook better. You just need to learn how best to use the oven’s different functions.

Safety First

Safety is paramount in the kitchen. That is why Turbo ovens come standard with a child safety lock. It will help you to keep your children safe and out of trouble while they are in the kitchen. You can now have peace of mind while using our oven’s functions to hone your cooking skills.

In short, you will not go wrong with a microwave oven from Turbo Italia. Start a new phase  in your cooking journey by arranging a consultation with one of our staff. Call us now and let your new microwave oven take your cooking to a whole new level!

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