Reliability and ease of use are both important factors to consider when choosing kitchen appliances. A stainless steel hob will give you the reliability you need minus the hassles of more complex hobs. Turbo Italia’s hobs boast some of the highest reliability rates in the industry! They are also very user-friendly and easy to clean.

Flexible Flame

The benefit of a stainless steel hob can be seen when you need to adjust the burner’s flame. This is because you can adjust the flame from low to high with just the twist of a knob. This is thanks to our hobs’ preset flame levels, which will help you to cook with greater ease.

Cleans Easily

Cleaning the kitchen is never a fun task. Especially, when the hobs get too dirty. But stainless steel is a hardy material that is easy to clean. A bit of elbow grease will soon have your stainless steel hob looking brand new again! Keeping these hobs clean will pay off, as they will last for a very long time.

Peace of Mind

A Turbo Italia stainless steel hob is versatile, low-maintenance and safe. If safety is your concern, then you should opt for a Turbo stainless steel hob with internal safety valves. This type of hob will halt the flow of gas once it detects that the flame is out. Hence, you will not have to worry about gas leaks and forgetting to turn off the gas.

Make the right choice for your home today and contact us to book a consultation. We can’t wait to show you what our stainless steel hobs have to offer!

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