Safety is not a word you would associate with cooker hobs. However, Turbo Italia’s induction hob will make your kitchen safer! On top of that, it will help to liven up your kitchen with its good looks. You will soon learn that our hobs have much more to offer than just their appearance and safety.

A Turbo hob is reliable and efficient. It is also easy to use, stylish and safe! What more could you ask for from a cooker hob? Continue reading and find out why Turbo’s hobs have all the features you would want in a hob!

Global Popularity

Turbo Italia’s induction hob shares the same proud lineage as the rest of its range of hobs. Choosing one of our hobs might well be one of the best choices you will make. Hence, Turbo’s induction hobs are popular with homemakers and chefs worldwide. They have many useful functions, as well as, the class to spruce up any kitchen.

Fast and Precise

Turbo Italia’s induction hobs are famous for both their speed and precision. This helps to explain why Turbo’s induction hob is so popular around the world. Our cooker hobs use magnetization, instead of fire, to create heat. Hence, they can heat up and cool food very fast. Only an induction hob can do this. You can use our hob’s 9 heat settings to cook your meals with more precision and ease.

Greater Safety

A kitchen can be a dangerous place. Appliances such as cooking hobs can pose a hazard because they produce heat. This is where our induction hob can make a difference. Its use of magnetic heat offers the advantage of  greater safety. This is because hobs that use magnetization to produce heat cool down faster than other types of hob. (The hob area where you cook will be as hot as a pot of hot soup.) This shows that our induction hobs can cook better, faster and safer than the competition!

Would you like an induction hob for your kitchen? Give us a call or send us an email for a free consultation! All these features and more can be yours! You can also contact us and have your new kitchen set up now!

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