You do not have to sacrifice the gas burner’s convenience and speed, for the ceramic hob’s beauty. Get the best of both worlds instead, with a glass hob! These hobs have an inspiring finish and will help to create a conducive atmosphere in your kitchen. They will also provide instant flames and easy adjust-ability at the same time.

Simple to Maintain

A glass hob‘s surface is much easier to maintain than a stainless steel surface. You can thus remove debris and residue from these hobs easily and quickly. Thus, leaving their surfaces beautiful and shiny. What is more, the location of their burners also helps to facilitate easy cleaning to keep the hob’s surface sparkling.

Instant Heating

Heat will not be a problem with a glass hob cooker. This is due to its use of gas to power its flame. This will result in an instant flame. You can also make adjustments to the flame just by turning the knobs. The hobs’ knobs can handle any meal you prepare. This will make cooking both faster and easier for you.

Go Glass!

Turbo Italia’s glass hob sets combine fast heating and simple maintenance for your convenience! Make the easy choice today and start enjoying your new glass hob as soon as possible. As Turbo’s local distributor, we have the  expertise to help you make the RIGHT choice!

Do you like what you’re reading? Do you want to know more about our glass hob sets? Contact us by phone or email and speak with one of our staff! We will help you to decide which hob to get for your kitchen. Or, if you know what you need already, book an appointment to have it your kitchen now!

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