How can you guarantee that you will make the best use of your cooker? By getting yourself a Turbo hob set! The design process of our hobs begins with the user in mind. This because we aim to meet the needs of  both home chefs and culinary professionals. Our induction hobs, gas hobs, and electric hobs are able to meet all of your cooking needs. Read on to find out how!

A Better Experience

The hobs sets we offer will give you a much better cooking experience. In addition, our most popular hobs also come with our proprietary flame technology for you to customize your cooking style. Make stir-fry in a wok and boil stew at the same time with the best hobs for these tasks!

User Friendly

Turbo’s electric hobs  are not only sleek and attractive. They are also easier to clean. On top of this, they also allow you to adjust the temperature to the right setting. Don’t miss out on the ease of using electric hobs in your kitchen. Another type of electric hob, the induction hob, is a favorite among cooking experts and professional chefs. You can’t ask for a better endorsement than that.

Switch With Ease

Induction hobs are the best in terms of rapid temperature changes and safety features. They can also  switch from high to low temperatures in less than a minute by using electromagnets. As a result, they can boil water in around 90 seconds in some cases! What’s more, you can also choose between 9 precise and useful heat settings for the best results! These features are especially useful when you are in a rush for time.

Which type of hob looks like the best choice for your kitchen? Call or email us and we will help you pick the right hob for your kitchen. Make an appointment with us and make your dream kitchen a reality!

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